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Your Business Quest Podcast

How to amplify your personal brand with Bob Gentle

By Your Business Quest Podcast

In this episode, we’ll get to dive into the world of personal branding with Bob Gentle.

Bob helps experts worldwide build, market, and monetise their personal brands.

Together we explore how embracing who you are can attract your ideal audience and unlock incredible opportunities.

“The journey of personal branding is not about becoming someone else, but amplifying who you already are.” – Bob Gentle

Key Takeaways:

1. Embracing Authenticity:

Discover why accepting and enjoying who you are can lead to freedom and attract the right people to your brand.

2. Personal Branding Journey:

Bob shares his personal journey from being an introvert to becoming a personal branding specialist, along with insights into the evolving digital marketing landscape.

3. The Personal Brand Business Roadmap:

Bob outlines his five-stage roadmap to help entrepreneurs establish solid foundations, build authority, increase discoverability, productise their value, and scale their businesses.

4. Thriving as an Introvert:

Practical advice for introverts on how to step out of their comfort zones and succeed in personal branding.

5. Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Superpower:

Insights into the Wealth Dynamics Creator profile and how understanding your Entrepreneurial Superpower can transform your business growth and personal branding strategy.



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Adventures in business & life with Logan Elliott

By Your Business Quest Podcast

“From playing with fire to igniting business success, Logan’s journey is a true testament to following one’s passions.”

In this exciting episode, I have a great conversation with Logan Elliott, a globe-trotting entrepreneur who has turned his passion for adventure and creativity into a successful business.

Logan shares his fascinating journey from studying science to becoming a fire performer, and ultimately, a business coach for creatives.

Listen in as Logan and our host discuss the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial path, the importance of aligning business with personal values & your Entrepreneurial Superpower, plus practical advice for creative professionals looking to turn their talents into thriving businesses.

Key highlights:

1. The Journey to Entrepreneurship:

– Logan’s academic background in science and unexpected hobby of fire performing.

– Transition from a hobbyist to a full-fledged entertainment business owner in New Zealand.

2. Building and Growing a Business:

– The evolution of Logan’s business from an entertainment company; to an educator and then becoming a creative business coach.

3. The Creative Entrepreneur:

– Logan’s passion for helping visual creatives, including graphic designers and illustrators.

– Common misconceptions and challenges faced by creatives in the business world.

4. Business and Personal Life Integration:

– Logan’s focus on aligning his business goals with personal values.

– The importance of designing a business that supports your desired lifestyle.

5. Mindset and Personal Growth:

– The role of mindset in entrepreneurial success.

– Logan’s personal reflections on growth, challenges, and staying motivated.

6. What’s next:

– Future goals and aspirations for Logan’s business.

– Practical advice for creative professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Navigating the seasons of your business

By Your Business Quest Podcast

In this episode, we delve into the concept of business seasons and cycles, inspired by nature’s seasons & Wealth Dynamics, plus more importantly how they apply to your business.

Understanding which season your business is currently in is crucial for growth and success.

Are you in the spring of new ideas, the summer of building connections, the autumn of delivery, or the winter of systemising and efficiency?

Together, let’s explore how to navigate each season effectively.

Key Takeaways:

1. The Importance of Seasons:

– Just like nature, businesses go through different cycles and seasons.

– Recognising your business’s current season helps in making informed decisions and avoiding unnecessary struggles.

2. Spring (Dynamo Energy):

– Focus on new ideas and innovation.

– Ideal for Creators and those who thrive on fresh concepts.

– Avoid getting stuck in endless ideation without progressing to the next phase.

3. Summer (Blaze Energy):

– Build connections, communities, and market presence.

– Perfect for Stars, Supporters, and Deal Makers who enjoy interacting and promoting.

– Ensure you’re moving beyond creation to actual engagement and community building.

4. Autumn (Tempo Energy):

– Grounding, delivery, and routine.

– Key for Traders, Deal Makers, and Accumulators who excel in consistent service and operations.

– Beware of getting bored if you prefer high-energy phases; focus on delivering results.

5. Winter (Steel Energy):

– Systemising, efficiency, and improvement.

– Essential for Lords, Accumulators, and Mechanics who love optimising and making things better.

– Focus on leveraging systems and data for business improvement.

6. Navigating Business Cycles:

– Every business must go through all seasons to grow and thrive.

– Recognise which season aligns with your Wealth Dynamics profile for maximum flow and effectiveness.

– Ensure balanced progression through each season to avoid burnout and inefficiency.

7. Team and Leadership:

– Different seasons require different leadership styles and team compositions.

– Consider bringing in team members with complementary energies for balanced growth.

8. Common Pitfalls:

– Avoid truing to skip seasons or jumping ahead prematurely.

– Recognise and address blocks in earlier seasons to ensure smooth progression.

Action Steps:

– Identify Your Season:

Reflect on which season your business is currently in and adjust your focus and strategies accordingly.

– Know Your Profile:

If you haven’t already, complete the Wealth Dynamics profile to understand your Entrepreneurial Superpower.

–  Plan Your Cycle:

Discover how to navigate through each season, ensuring you cover all phases from ideation to systemisation.

– Seek Feedback:

Engage with your audience and team to gather insights and improve your approach.

Understanding and embracing the seasons of your business can lead to smoother operations and greater success.

Recognise where you are, plan accordingly, and make the most of each phase.



There’s no failure in business

By Your Business Quest Podcast

There’s no such thing as failure.

Let’s dive into a topic that strikes a chord with every business owner: failure.

That word alone can stir up a lot of negative emotions and thoughts, but I promise you, by the end of this episode, you’ll see it in a whole new light.

No Such Thing as Failure, Only Feedback

One of the core principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is the idea that there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback. Just imagine if that became your mantra. Think about the positive impact it would have on your actions and mindset. Instead of dreading failure, you’d start to see every setback as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Feedback as Feedforward

I like to think of feedback as “feedforward.”

When something doesn’t go as planned, it’s not about dwelling on the past; it’s about taking that experience and using it to inform your next decisions and actions. This episode is all about embracing that mindset shift and understanding how feedback can be a powerful tool for growth.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

You might be familiar with Carol Dweck’s work on fixed and growth mindsets.

This concept plays a big role in how we perceive failure. A fixed mindset sees failure as a dead end, while a growth mindset views it as a valuable learning experience. If we can adopt a growth mindset, we can turn every failure into a stepping stone toward success.

Thomas Edison’s Enlightening Mindset

Thomas Edison famously said, “I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”   The sentiment is powerful. It’s about not being discouraged by setbacks but seeing them as part of the process. This mindset can transform how we approach challenges in our business.

Real-Life Examples

In the episode, I share 2 personal examples of when I was doing something in my business that didn’t quite work out the way I had expected.   I could have seen those as failures but they were actually filled with valuable feedback.

Changing Perspectives

Changing our perspective on failure can alter how we think, feel, and act. It’s about normalising mistakes and understanding that they’re part of the journey. If we’re not experiencing setbacks, we might be playing it too safe and missing out on growth opportunities.

4 Practical Tips for you:

  1. Acknowledge Disappointment: It’s okay to feel disappointed when things don’t go as planned. Give yourself a moment to feel it, but don’t dwell on it.


  1. Ask, “What Do I Need to Learn?”: This primes your mind to find the lesson in the experience, helping you let go of negative emotions.


  1. Reflect and Journal: Writing down your thoughts can help you process them and gain clarity.


  1. Talk It Out: Discuss your experiences with a friend, coach, or business buddy. Sometimes, verbalising your thoughts can provide new insights.


Moving Forward

I encourage you to reflect on a recent or past experience you considered a failure.

  • How does it feel now?
  • What can you learn from it?

Allow yourself to shift your perspective and see the feedback as a gift. This mindset will lighten your emotional load and make the journey more enjoyable.

Share Your Journey

I’d love to hear how this resonates with you and helps you move forward in your business. Reach out to me via email, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook and share your reflections and learnings, using the links below.

Remember, there’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.

So let’s embrace this mindset and enjoy the quest of growing our businesses.

Best wishes as always.


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The Gap and The Gain

By Your Business Quest Podcast

Do you ever wish you were ‘there’ already instead of being here where you are right now?

You know … where you’ve achieved your next goal …. you’ve increased the money in the bank …. you’ve grown your following …. you’ve (fill in your own desire here) … you get the drift right?

Well in this episode, I’ll share how the concept of ‘The Gap and The Gain’ by Dan Sullivan with Benjamin Hardy, will help you to enjoy the journey of growing your business even more, without being too hard on yourself & missing out on where the real magic happens.



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Why not all business advice is helpful

By Your Business Quest Podcast

There’s so much business advice out there that rather than being helpful, it could make things worse for you!

Especially if you end up feeling like you ‘should’ or ‘need’ to do something, rather than really WANTING to do it.

And there’s so much more you need to consider when deciding what to spend your time doing, so that it really works for YOU too.

In this episode, we’ll explore how to really consider the well-intentioned advice you hear, read or see out there & how to decide what to say ‘Yes’ & what to say ‘no thanks’ to.



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Why courage matters in your business

By Your Business Quest Podcast

We went on a date night to see the new Challengers movie.And there was one line near the end that was very impactful.

“Get your **** courage back.   Now go out there & actually try to win!”

It’s to do with courage … which you 100% would have needed to have to start your business.

BUT ….

Is your courage still as strong as it needs to be to help you experience more growth in the next chapter of your business?

In this week’s podcast, I share more of the context behind that thought-provoking line, along with why courage really matters in business &  some practical tips on how you can keep it consistently high.

Best wishes as always.


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Embrace a beginner’s mindset

By Your Business Quest Podcast

Are you ever hard on yourself for not being an instant expert at something new?

It’s time to change that mindset.

In this episode, I delve into the power of having a beginner’s mind and how it can transform your journey.

The Key Mindset Shifts & Takeaways:

1. Setting Realistic Expectations:

– Understand that it’s okay not to know everything right away. Challenge your assumptions and be kind to yourself.

2. Curiosity and Experimentation:

– Embrace curiosity and experimentation. It takes off the pressure and makes the journey more enjoyable.

3. Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset:

– Adopt a growth mindset—believe that effort and learning can lead to success. Remember, everyone starts somewhere.

4. Progress over Perfection:

– Embrace failure as a part of the learning process. Celebrate progress and allow room for iterations.

5. Action Mode:

– Clarity comes from action. Don’t overthink; take steps forward.

6. Setting Aside Ego:

– Be willing to adapt, seek help, and learn at any level. It’s about the journey, not how you appear to others.

7. Patience and Enjoyment:

– Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patient and enjoy the learning process. Remember why you started.

8. Seeking Help:

– Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from coaches, mentors, or experts. You don’t have to figure it out alone.

Enjoy tuning into the episode and as always please reach out to share your key personal take away from it.

Best wishes as always.


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Why doing less can make more impact – Episode 13

By Your Business Quest Podcast

Ever heard of Pareto’s Principle?

It’s a game-changer because it helps us to realise that working harder isn’t always the smartest move. In fact, it can often be downright counterproductive!

Why? Because only a small portion of what we do actually makes a big difference. Pareto nailed it when he showed that typically, 20% of our efforts lead to 80% of our results.

Think about it:

– 20% of your marketing efforts often drive a whopping 80% of your sales.

– Just 20% of your services or products usually account for 80% of your best sellers.

– 20% of what you learn and implement usually brings in 80% of the impact.

– 20% of your limiting beliefs and mindset blocks cab account for a whopping 80% of what holds you back!

But without realising it, we could be pouring most of our time, energy, money, and focus into things that barely move the needle.

Let’s change that – for you and your business.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m diving deep into Pareto’s Principle and giving you practical steps to ensure you’re truly benefiting from those magical numbers—80:20—in the right direction.

I’d love to hear your insights after you look at what you’re doing through this new lens.  You can send me a DM via the links below.

Best wishes as always.


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Stop living in your past mistakes – Episode 12

By Your Business Quest Podcast

Do you ever think … ‘What was I thinking?!’, when you look back at some of the decisions you’ve made so far in your business?

Especially those situations that when you think about them right now, can you still feel that negative charge or emotions connected to them!

If so, then it’s really likely that you’re current & future decisions will also be influenced by your past too ….. GULP!!

Unless you break free of the attachment & stop living in those past decisions.

You may be thinking, ‘Yeah Osmaan … easier said than done though!’

I promise … you can let go of them today & in simple ways.

There are 5 key things that will help you do just that & these are things that have personally helped me do it & also my coaching clients too.

Here they are for you:   (I recommend listening to the podcast episode to get the full context & examples around them).

1. It’s all a learning experience:

    • Ask yourself: ‘What can I learn from this that will help me to move forward & let it go?’
    • Keep repeating that & trust what comes up into your mind, until you ‘empty out’

2. Acknowledge that at least you took action!

    • You could have easily got stuck in taking no action or overthinking things in the past … that wouldn’t’ likely have helped either right?
    •  So celebrate that you are an action taker & it has moved you forward instead of staying stuck in the past.


3. Life isn’t black & white.

    • There really isn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ decision.
    • All decisions have so many interconnected parts.  Plus you really can’t predict what would or could have happened if you choose to do something differently …. it could have been even worse!


4. It’s going to happen again!

    • Honestly, in the future you’ll continue to make ‘rubbish’ decisions & that’s life.
    • Plus a normal part of being a business owner. So it’s time we all normalised that & stop thinking that every decision & action will be perfect.

5. What about all those other positive decisions?

    • It’s so easy to focus on the decisions that we think were ‘mistakes’.
    • But when you give more airtime to those positive decisions that have helped you get to where you are today & you are thankful for, you’ll recognise that you are a good decision maker too & that can stop some of those pesky limiting beliefs & stories eating away at you.

Let me know how it helps you.

Best wishes as always.


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