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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Are New Opportunities Distracting You? with Jenny Plant – 051

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How good are you at focusing on ONE thing in your business?


I know that the temptation is always there to start on that new idea; project or even an entirely new business.

But when we get so caught up with the excitement of the new possibilities, do you really actually stop to think about whether it’s really an opportunity or just a distraction?


That’s why I wanted to bring the wonderful Jenny Plant, who is an amazing client of mine, to your ears in this week’s podcast episode.


Because Jenny’s business journey has been so interesting to watch & be part of.  As when I first met her, she had her fingers in a number of different pies.  And guess how that was working out for her?


But the really scary thing is that because of all the other shiny opportunities she was spending her time focusing on …. she was on the verge of totally neglected growing the core business she started.


You’ll hear how Jenny had to make some brave decisions to really get to where she is now …. rapidly growing her thriving core business.


The conversation truly flows between us in this podcast & it’s filled with practical nuggets of wisdom to help you Get Out Your Way throughout.


I’m positive that after listening to this, you’ll stop & think before automatically jumping straight in, when you get those new golden carrots dangled in front of your face or when you wake up in the middle of the night with that new idea that’s going to be a ‘game changer’!


Because what will you not be doing … if you’re jumping from lane to lane .. instead of staying in YOUR lane?


Plus Jenny also shared her top tips on truly maximising the opportunities you have with your current clients or customers, instead of always thinking you need to attract new ones!

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Here’s the extra links & resources for this episode:

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