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What’s Important To YOU?

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Hello, When’s the last time you really stopped and asked yourself ….

‘What’s important to ME?’.

Well if you haven’t for a while … then today’s the day to do so!

Why, you may be asking?

Because it’ll start to give you an insight into your values. 

And here I’m not talking about values from a ‘theoretical’ sense ….  which may have seen around in some ‘corporate’ environments plastered on a mouse-mat, screensaver or poster on a wall.

I’m really meaning what YOUR values are! So what’s the big deal about understanding & living your values, you may be thinking?!?

Well here are just a few ….

1) They fuel your goals and keeps you motivated.

2) They’re what gets you rocking & rolling ahead.

3) They determine what you think is right or wrong (without you even being consciously aware of it.) 

4) How you spend your time is massively influenced by your values.

5) They help you to really push past your comfort zones, in order to start or continuing to satisfy those values.

6) It’s what makes you really love what you are doing and it not feeling like ‘work’.

7) You’ll never have one of those weeks where you just can’t wait till the weekend arrives, when your values are getting ticked off.

So I’m sure you can see how by knowing your values can really give you the critical edge now, can’t you?

From the NLP toolkit, there is a powerful process where you go much deeper than just looking at your values from just asking ‘What’s important to ME?’ – although that’s a great starting point.

This is a tool I use with ALL of my new business coaching clients!

We explore it from 3 different perspectives – so that you get to really bring to the surface what your values are – as they are very ‘unconscious’.

Then taking that next step to find out how your mind actually ranks all your values in order – gives you a huge advantage when it comes to the decisions & changes you make going forward; how you evaluate new opportunities and goals – to make sure that they are aligned to your values.

Otherwise, you may find that even if you achieve them – when you make it happen you’ll be thinking …’hmm this isn’t floating my boat the way I thought it would!’

Go ahead now and make a start in your exploration now & ask yourself ….

“What important to ME in the context of my ‘business'”?

(or whatever you call this area of your life)

Then jot down the words that pop into your mind without questioning or analysing them.

What insights does this give you?

Are you doing everything you can on a daily basis to make sure these values are being met in a really practical way?

I’m sure you’ll find doing this will be super valuable for you, to definitely take action now.

Have an ace week & speak again soon.

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