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What’s your word for 2019? – 032

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Are you all ‘Christmas-ed’ out now?


I’m sure that like me & many other business owners, your mind has started to think about …. NEXT YEAR!


Before the clocks strike midnight on New Year’s Eve though, do yourself a big favour … close out 2018 properly & also choose what you want from 2019.


In this week’s short podcast episode, I share with you how to do that in an easy & fun way …. with 2 important questions.


Plus, how you can choose a theme words for 2019, which will not only inspire you but also keep you on the straight & narrow during the year.


My theme word for 2019 is MAGIC!


I’ll share why I chose that word & how it’s already influencing how I’m designing my year ahead, inside the episode.


Do listen in now & then drop a comment below or in the Free Facebook Group, to share what your theme word will be.


If you want some help to make sure you truly make 2019 an epic one for you & your business, then let me help you make that happen.


The next 90 day Rapid Transformation Mastermind kicks off in January & I’d love to be in your corner to help you smash your goals during that time. Plus, you’ll also be supported by a wonderful group of fellow business owners who are also committed to getting out their way & growing their business.


The early bird offer to join the programme ends when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve.


Simply find out more about the 90 day Mastermind & register your interest here before the end of 31st December 2018.


If after we speak in the New Year & ensure that it’s the right fit for you, me & the group … I’ll then honour the reduced investment for you.


Enjoy reflecting on the year that’s nearly passed & getting set for what I’m sure will be an epic 2019.


Happy New Year when it arrives.

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Best wishes as always.


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