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Get Out Your Way Podcast

What can you achieve in 90 days? – 031

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90 days.


It’s not too long.


It’s not too short.


It’s practically perfect in every way!


And I’m super proud to have seen what a group of business owners achieved during their 90 day Rapid Transformation Mastermind, which wrapped up last week.


The focused actions they took, along with the accountability & support they had, led them to….

  • smash through stretching revenue targets;
  • attract new clients into their business;
  • focused on streamlining their businesses & getting clearer on their next phase of growth;
  • outsourcing tasks in their business to free up more time;
  • get the foundations sorted for a new business offering;
  • writing a book!


Yep impressive!


In this week’s podcast episode, I share my reflections on what they experienced & why I’m super excited to start the next 90 day Mastermind group.


You’ll definitely want to listen to this, if you’re sick of trying to grow your business all by yourself & instead want the support from both myself & a group of likeminded business owners, who are serious about making the next 90 days count.


I’ll also share how you can be considered for one of the limited spaces for the next 90 day Mastermind group.


Seriously though … if this is right for you … I’d love to help you also experience the magic that I got to witness first hand, so you can also get out your way & rapidly grow your business.

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Here’s the extra links & resources for this episode:

* Episode 15 – The Power of a Mastermind

* Join the FREE Facebook Group to access other resources & connect with like-minded business owners here:
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Best wishes as always.


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