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What is the intention?

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If you had the choice between a homemade lasagne or a ready-meal one – which would you choose?

(Ok so I know you’ll probably be thinking – well it depends on who’s cooking the homemade one!) 

But let’s say that you’re the cook!  You’ve got all your ingredients, donned your apron, started chopping & creating your masterpiece.  When you come to sit down & eat it – it be all that more satisfying, won’t it? 

Why is that?  Because you get to make it like YOU want it!  (For me, lasagne needs a spicy kick to it !!)

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(Here’s one I prepared earlier)

Anyway, what’s cooking got to do with helping you grow your business or results? 

Well at different stages of projects, you can get to a point where you’d rather just get that part done & dusted or go for the easy option (like a microwavable meal)!  Because you’re chomping at the bits to get onto the more ‘fun’ bits! 

So my tip for today is to help you when you’re at the point of feeling frustrated because things don’t feel like they’re moving fast enough for you!

There’s not point spending months & months & months trying to get the ‘perfect thing’ before getting it out there.  But you need to get the balance right, as it’s just as bad to be slap-dash, cut corners & go live with a project! 

This was again brought to life with one of my clients this week, who I’m working with to start & grow his exciting new business.  He’s at the exciting stage where his new website is about to go live.  I could tell that in his mind this project has a big ‘tick’ next to it & he was ready to move onto the next thing to attract new people that would resonate with what he was doing.

He sent me a preview of it & I gave him some honest feedback on how there were areas that really could be improved upon before launch.   He said himself that he initially felt a little deflated, as he just wanted to get out there & take the next steps.

Of course having a great website isn’t essential for him to grow his business – there are so many ways that he could do that.   

But think about it this way.  If you spent lots of time & effort inviting people to your new ‘home’ – what would their first impressions be?  Would they want to hang around & would they see you as being the person that could potentially be of great service to them? 

Putting in that effort initially can really pay off in the long term though.
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“The strongest principle of growth lies

in the human choice”

George Eliot


A great question to ask yourself when you’re feeling like things are taking longer than you would like or that you feel ‘busy’ but not really seeing the fruits of your labour yet is …

‘What’s the purpose of this?

It let’s you see things from a more bigger picture! 

If what you’re doing is really going to help you achieve your business goals & promises that you’ve set – then I’m sure it will keep you motivated to continue to do it until it’s done! 

On the other hand, if the answer reveals that it’s not actually going to be making a difference or helping you move forward …. that’s when you can scrap it or ‘outsource’ it – so you can spend your time doing more valuable things! 

Remember some things in business do take time.  Like building relationships with potential customers & creating new valuable products or services that can help serve them.  It’s all about building & keeping that momentum going. 

It’s like in nature.  Seeds are planted but then they have to be watered & nurtured – so that they can become what they are truly meant to be!  But if you don’t water than because it’s not the fun part or you get impatient & pull the roots out to see how they are growing … you’re just slowing your own success down.

Have fun putting into action today’s key Rapid Transformation strategy & remember to keep lifting your head up to see the bigger picture.

As always, I’d love to hear what insights, questions or thoughts you’ve had from what I’ve shared – so please do take a moment to connect with me by dropping a comment in the comment box below the article.

I look forward to sharing more with you again soon.

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