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If you were a salesperson (which you are … even if it’s not in your official title), how would you feel if this happened?

A current customer of 6 years, who’s already had 2 cars from your dealership before reaches out to say they’re interested to discuss what next car they could get from you.

I hope you say ….. that you’d be jumping with joy & really eager to speak with your customer asap!

Well I am that customer at the moment & honestly I’ve had the complete opposite experience from the sales team!

It’s left me feeling like they totally don’t want or care about a sale from me … so much that I’ve actually started to look at other car manufacturers … even though I was a total loyal customer for them.

For me it’s come down to the impression that they’ve left on me, after me having to chase them numerous times & them still not even getting back to me some details they promised.

It’s left me totally appreciating that we are always leaving an impression on our customers or potential customer … in every interaction or exposure that we have.

So it’s time to reflect & be honest … what type of impression are you leaving currently?

In this week’s podcast episode, I dive into this even more with you & share some home-truths I also have had about the impression I was putting ‘out there’ inadvertently … without realising it!

I’m sure you’ll get lots of valuable insights from it, so be sure to check it out today.

You’ll also hear more about how the sales team at the car garage have left me really considering jumping ship to their competitors instead.

As always let me know what you’re biggest take-away from it, after you’ve had a listen.