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Thinking of giving up your business?

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Business is about everyday being filled with smiles, success & brightly coloured rainbows, don’t you think?




It’s time to get real.


Because the life of a business owners is often far from that.  And I’m sure you know that more than anyone.


Every day I have the pleasure of coaching & mentoring entrepreneurs  … from those who are turning over millions of pounds …  those who are just getting their businesses started & off the ground & those who are somewhere in between.


And guess what ….they trust me to share what’s happening (or not) for them & how at times they even question their own abilities & contemplate if it’s worth going through the knock-backs & jumping over the many hurdles that business owners face.


Yes, it can be draining & tough … and even more so if you’re spending far too much time not using your talents or entrepreneurial superpower.


But the one question, which often gets them to jolt up straight and causes the expression on their face to automatically change as I look at them (often through the wonders of video Zoom) & then continue to create the changes & actions needed to move forward is …..


‘Seriously, have you really come this far to only come this far?’


Ask yourself that now & see how it makes you think & feel?


Then more importantly, what will it help you DO today?


Share it with me in the comments below.


Until next time …

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