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Are you trusting your gut?

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Everyone screws up at times!

Sometimes it’s cause we act or do something, which isn’t good for us or our business.

Other times it’s cause we don’t act or don’t do something, which could be great for us or our business!

Seriously, us human beings can be complicated folks, don’t you think?

So why is it that clever people like you act this way at times … and then afterwards want to kick yourself for your decisions?

It’s often because you haven’t trusted or down right ignored your gut!

I’m sure that Warren Beatty is feeling similar this week after the blunder at the Oscars. You could see from his face & body language, that he knew that there was something not quite right when he looked at the card in the red envelope. I bet he was frantically trying to wrestle with his decision on what to do!

Do you think he now wishes he trusted his gut reaction & did something differently? (Even though we clearly know it wasn’t his fault … let’s just blame the big corporate folk!)

How about for you … can you think of times when you followed your head more than your gut … even though you knew better?

I remember many years ago when I was fresh faced & started by business, I spent over £5000 with a search engine optimisation company to help increase the ranking of my website. Even when I read the proposal & then again when putting pen to paper to sign the contract (yes it was old school back then), I felt like it wasn’t the right thing to do BUT I still did it!

Why? Cause my head was telling me … ‘it makes sense … everyone says it’s important … it will make a huge difference to my business.’

But it really was money down the drain because they didn’t deliver on their promises & then I also decided that my old brand name ‘Ab Intra Solutions’ wasn’t quite cutting it anymore ….so I ended up dumping that website altogether & re-branding to Rapid Transformation!

On the flip side, there have been times in the past when great opportunities have been right under my nose but I decide to be ‘sensible’ & not jump on them … only to then realise that I should have listened to my gut & do it … (& it wasn’t a case of FOMO – ‘fear or missing out’). I’m glad to say I’ve trained myself to do this less & less these days!

But it’s not all doom & gloom or bad … I’m sure that like me there’s been countless times when you have trusted your gut & could now smother yourself with kisses for doing that.

Like that day nearly 10 years ago when I decided to not only turn down a promotion but also quit my job totally in a bank … because my gut told me there was a different path out there for my future. Yep I sure am glad that I didn’t listen to my head … or the many other heads of people around me who thought I was mad.

Or when I decided to leave my part time job in Sainsbury’s to go to IKEA – even though my old boss said he’d match my new salary increase (I think it was an extra 10p per hour), because it was at IKEA where I met my beautiful wife Shareen.

Plus that time only a few years ago, where I personally reached out to a fellow business owner whose podcasts I listened to every week & thought she rocked. That one action has resulted in us becoming great friends now & being invited to be a guest coach on her amazing retreats in Lisbon & Bali (& I’m heading back out to Bali again later this month to do it again!)

Of course I’m not saying to be reckless either. Because of course there’s times when you need to stop & really balance that internal battle between your head & gut. But please do really tune into your gut & see what it’s telling you!

Right, it’s over to you now … how specifically can you trust your gut more &do what’s really going to help you grow yourself & business this week?

Let me know by dropping a quick comment below because I’m nosey that way 😉

Then go on & take action!

Speak again soon & best wishes as always.

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