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Don’t you just love Christmas movies … or is that just me?

We’ve watched a fair few of them already this year in the Sharif household.  What struck me was that there’s a common pattern in most of them.

The main characters go through a journey …. they face challenges & opportunities …. lots of ups & downs …. times when they question themselves but keep on going ….  until they get to a positive ending.

So there’s loads we can learn from them which can help us in the world of business, don’t you think?

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But there’s another key theme in them all too …. see if you can spot it … 

  • Home Alone …. Kevin gets a helping hand from Old Man Marley & the ‘bird lady’ to get away from those crooks Harry & Marv.
  • Elf …. Santa is helped by Buddy the Elf, who is helped by his new-found dad, step-brother & ‘girlfriend’ to increase Christmas spirit to get the sleigh flying.
  • Santa Claus (The Movie) … The man in the red suit is helped by Patch the Elf, the little homeless boy & the little girl!
  • Die Hard … John McLean is helped by Al Powell to stop the bad guys in the Nakatomi Plaza.
  • Miracle on 34th Street … Kris Kringle is found ‘not guilty’ through the help of the wee girl Susan, her mum Dorey & Brian the lawyer.
  • Love Actually … where do I start … every story is intermingled & they help each other in lots of ways.
  • Fred Claus … Fred ends up helping his big brother Santa stop the North Pole being shut down by Clyde Northcutt.
  • It’s A Wonderful Life … The whole town ends up helping George Bailey come out of a bad patch & showing him how much value he has given them all.
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol … The ghosts of past, present & future helps Scrooge help come to his senses & Kermit the frog is there to help too.

… the list could truly go on & on …

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So what’s the common thing between them all?

It’s a team effort!

It’s worth remembering that in business we don’t have to everything ourselves, even though I know many entrepreneurs and business owners tend to forget that.

If you try to do it yourself … it can be rather frustrating, more challenging & really lonely too!

That was the biggest reason for starting the Transformation Exchange last month, so that fellow entrepreneurs & business owners – no matter what stage they were in business – can have an online community around them to learn from, collaborate & get access to coaching & mentoring too.

It’s been great seeing everyone inside this small & intimate mastermind community really working closely together & getting lots of immense value.

If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one, then definitely check out more about the Transformation Exchange & see how it could work for you and them.

<< Take a peek at what’s included inside the Transformation Exchange & how to be part of it here >> 

I’m sure this has also put you in the mood to watch some of these movies too, so enjoy & be sure to share some of the other key learnings from your favourite Christmas movies with me too, in the comments below.

Best wishes

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