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Take Advantage of the 80-20 Rule – 058

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A wise guy Pareto realised that working harder isn’t necessarily the smart thing to do.


In fact it can actually be down right stupid!


Because it’s only a small portion of what you actually do that makes a significant difference.


In fact, he goes as far as showing how typically 20% of what you do makes 80% of an impact.
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  • 20% of your marketing activities = 80% of your sales.
  • 20% of your services & products = 80% of your top sellers.
  • 20% of what you learn &implement = 80% of an impact.
  • 20% of your limiting beliefs & mindset blocks = 80% of slowing you down & getting in your way!


So why do we often get things around the wrong way round?


You know, by putting so much of our effort … such as 80% of our time, energy, money & focus into thing that are only making a tiny difference?


Sometimes it’s simply cause we just don’t realise that we’re doing it.

But today my friend, let’s change that … for you & your business.


In this week’s podcast episode, I dive into this in much more detail & give you practical steps that you can take to ensure that you’re truly benefiting from those two magical numbers … 80:20 … in the right direction.


Let me know what insights you get when you truly take a look at what you’re doing through this new lens, by dropping me a comment below or send me a message here.

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Best wishes as always.

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