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Your Curse of Knowledge – 057

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Who knows the most about what you do & what you have to offer?




And there lies the problem, you’re a ‘know-it-all’!


Because of that, you’re at risk from your curse of knowledge of striking.


You know, those moments when you’re trying to explain what you do to others or how you can help them.


It flows easily out of your mouth or from your fingers … but when it then tries to get into their mind, it just doesn’t compute or land well.


It gets totally lost in translation, because they simply don’t know what you know!


That’s not only frustrating for them … but also for you, right?


So how do you fix it & ensure you don’t try to ram everything you know about ‘it’ down their throat .. or speak in a way that they’d need their Google Translate to try to even start to understand what you mean by those common industry jargon words or phrases?


You’ve got to keep things super simple & use a structure that flows best for THEM!


In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll show you how to do that by using the powerful 4 step communication model by Bernice McCarthy.


I promise that it will make life so much easier for you.


Plus those who are listening to you will stop just giving you that polite smile whilst pretending to understand what you’ve just said … but really just want to escape from you or click away because they’re feeling stupid … like they should get it … but don’t really.


I use this for everything … from writing web pages; creating presentations; crafting proposals & even shaping my podcast episodes for you.


How will you use it?


Tune into the episode where you’ll hear me bring this to life with plenty of examples, so you leave feeling … ‘That’s simple .. I’ve got this & can’t wait to use it’.


But please do me one favour though.  Don’t beat yourself up too much when you realise how much you’ve fallen into the curse of knowledge trap.


As always, I’d love to hear what your biggest take-away is from the episode, so drop me a comment below or send me a message here.

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Best wishes as always.

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