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business ideas

What would you do if…?

By Blog, NLP Insights

“What you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”
That’s one of my all time favourite coaching questions. Keep asking yourself this question over & over again, in the context of growing your business (or around an area that could do with some TLC today).
Write down everything that comes to mind, without letting your pen leave the paper.

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Hoping for an overnight success?

By Blog, Business, Mindset

“Who’s your latest business ‘crush’ on?” When you realise that they aren’t anymore extra special than you … it can really help you stop a lot of the rubbish that goes around in your mind & instead focus on YOU! Focus on taking action that will help YOU, YOUR business & YOUR customers or clients!

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You’re Fired!

By Mindset, RT-TV

You’re Fired!
How would you feel & what’s your gut reaction?
The longer you leave not doing anything about it, the more days you’ll be wasting not doing what is right for you. So even if it’s a step by step approach, of you getting clearer about what you’d do instead and then taking action day-by-day to make it happen. This may be learning a new skill; getting different experiences; studying; developing your business ideas & plan or simply getting out there & applying for new jobs – just start doing it from today!

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