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Audio Podcast

Suffering from a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)?

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Yes there really is such a thing called FOMO – Fear of Missing Out!

Are you suffering from it & getting attracted to the next ‘shiny thing’?

Even though it may look all sparkly & it feels like it’s saying ‘BUY ME, BUY ME NOW’, it could really be the last thing you need right now!

Take a few minutes to listen to this short audio podcast where I share how I helped a coaching client save £5,000 by asking her some powerful questions … just think how much it may save you!

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I’ll also share with you what really matters when you’re deciding what to invest your time, money & energy in, when it comes to growing your business.

Because there’s a real easy way to tell if something is driven by FOMO or if you should be saying ‘YES please, I’ll do it!’

You’ll hear what I have to say about spending time doing ‘personal development’.

I’ll also reveal which ONE company have really got their claws into me (in a happy way), where I happily succumb to my FOMO!

So make sure you take a some time to listen in & then focus on applying what nuggets you get from it to help you to really grow your business today.

Be sure to drop a quick comment below with what you’re going to do or not do today, when it comes to the bright & shiny thing that may be flirting with you too.

Speak again soon.

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