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Your Business Quest Podcast

Stop living in your past mistakes – Episode 12

Do you ever think … ‘What was I thinking?!’, when you look back at some of the decisions you’ve made so far in your business?

Especially those situations that when you think about them right now, can you still feel that negative charge or emotions connected to them!

If so, then it’s really likely that you’re current & future decisions will also be influenced by your past too ….. GULP!!

Unless you break free of the attachment & stop living in those past decisions.

You may be thinking, ‘Yeah Osmaan … easier said than done though!’

I promise … you can let go of them today & in simple ways.

There are 5 key things that will help you do just that & these are things that have personally helped me do it & also my coaching clients too.

Here they are for you:   (I recommend listening to the podcast episode to get the full context & examples around them).

1. It’s all a learning experience:

    • Ask yourself: ‘What can I learn from this that will help me to move forward & let it go?’
    • Keep repeating that & trust what comes up into your mind, until you ‘empty out’

2. Acknowledge that at least you took action!

    • You could have easily got stuck in taking no action or overthinking things in the past … that wouldn’t’ likely have helped either right?
    •  So celebrate that you are an action taker & it has moved you forward instead of staying stuck in the past.


3. Life isn’t black & white.

    • There really isn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ decision.
    • All decisions have so many interconnected parts.  Plus you really can’t predict what would or could have happened if you choose to do something differently …. it could have been even worse!


4. It’s going to happen again!

    • Honestly, in the future you’ll continue to make ‘rubbish’ decisions & that’s life.
    • Plus a normal part of being a business owner. So it’s time we all normalised that & stop thinking that every decision & action will be perfect.

5. What about all those other positive decisions?

    • It’s so easy to focus on the decisions that we think were ‘mistakes’.
    • But when you give more airtime to those positive decisions that have helped you get to where you are today & you are thankful for, you’ll recognise that you are a good decision maker too & that can stop some of those pesky limiting beliefs & stories eating away at you.

Let me know how it helps you.

Best wishes as always.


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