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It has a funny & somewhat complicated name …. but what is NLP all about?

Watch this short video (4m 21s) to see for yourself.

Let’s begin by taking some great advice from The Sound Of Music – when Julie Andrew’s sings ‘Let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start’.  Before I get stuck into the details, about the different ways that NLP can benefit you & your results, it would help if I shed some light onto what NLP really is first!

NLP (or using it’s more formal name of Neuro Linguistic Programming)

is really a set of powerful tools, techniques & principles that when used, will help create Rapid Transformations in the way that you think, the way you feel, they way you act & the results you achieve!

It gives you a real competitive edge in today’s world as the key focus of NLP is to equip you with the essential skills and the professional development, that we simply weren’t taught directly whilst at school, college, university or even in the workplace!

NLP is all about the study of excellence and it helps you to really focus upon the results that you’re looking to achieve.  It also provides you with a way to then make those changes, in order to take the action to really make it happen.

So let’s dissect what the what the somewhat strange name, Neuro Linguistic Programming really boils down to:

Neuro: is all about your brain and mind.  The best way to think about this, is as if your mind works like a really sophisticated computer & instead of having a keyboard to input into information into the computer, you can only use your 5 sense to gather your experiences from the outside world.

So it then boils down to how your minds processes organises and translates what is happening in your world and how you respond to it.   You will do this without even realising it and it makes such an impact in every single thing that you think, feel or do!

The Linguistic part really focuses upon how we communicate.  As humans we use language, both verbal and non-verbal language, such as body-language, to communicate with ourselves & others.

How we communicate has a fundamental effect on us all and in every part of business, yet consider for a moment ….. how often you actually think about what you are going to say before you speak or write?

So a fundamental part of NLP centres around teaching you advanced communication skills, so that you can get the most out of every interaction you have and also how you can talk to yourself in a more positive & influential way!

The last part of NLP is about Programming.  The majority of how we think, behave and how we respond to situations  happens automatically & in a consistent way  (even though it  may not be the best way to get the results you are after!).

There are many different tools within NLP that can help you to break down those things that have been ‘programmed’,  such as unproductive habits;   beliefs that could be holding you back and also negative feelings that you have around certain tasks or situations.

You can then change them in ways that will get better results for you, just think of it like doing a software upgrade for your mind!

So if I was to sum it up, when you learn NLP, it is like you have been given the instruction manual of how you can operate in the most effective, successful & results focused way.

Until next time, have a great day.

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