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Resilience: Learn From Children – 097

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Us ‘big people’ can think that we know best.


But in fact, it’s often the ‘little folks’ who have got it more figured out than us.


I’ve seriously been super impressed at how Kaiyas & Aaron have been so resilient in the past couple of weeks. For little Zakariya, it’s fair to say life is just ‘normal’ for him … milk; nappy changes; naps; play & repeat!


So I thought I’d share with you 5 things that have been really working well for the kids to cope with change, so you can take a leaf out of their book.


This includes … spoiler …


–      Cutting out the ‘noise’ & focusing upon what’s really important

–      The magic of routines for you

–      Be adaptable like play-doh

–      Connections really count

–      Choose your environments carefully


Listen into the full podcast episode … with a nice little intro from a wise little man 🙂


Enjoy & I hope you get some real magic nuggets to help you become super resilient during these ‘interesting’ times.

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