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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Network like a Pro with Lesley Collins – 016

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 ‘Networking’ … a buzz word that’s often used in the world of business.

Why?  Because it can be really powerful for you & your business … when it’s done right.

But all too often, people don’t do it well!  Or you start getting out there but get a lack of results & then throw your arms up in the arm & declare …. ‘Networking is a waste of my time’.


So what’s it for you – do you get results from networking … or do you have room for improvement?


Well today I’ve got the wonderful Lesley Collins, to help you get out your way & network like a pro!


Lesley’s the co-founder of a wicked business networking group in Glasgow, as well as running her own super successful online business.


So she knows a thing or 100 about networking … which we chat about during this podcast episode.


This includes how to make sure you’re not THAT person, who people can’t wait to escape from during a networking event or even pull out the fake … ‘excuse me a moment, I need to go visit the bathroom’.


You’ll also get why if you walk out of a networking event & think, ‘so was that a successful event & worthwhile?’ … you’re really missing the point!


Enough of me teasing you with what you’re going to learn … just tune in now & take full advantage of it.


Ohh & this episode should really have been sponsored by a coffee company … you’ll understand why when you’re done 🙂


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Here’s the links & resources for this episode:

* Join the upcoming Rapid Transformation 90 day Mastermind – find out all the details here.

* Connect with Lesley Collins on LinkedIn here & ask her about the next Speedy Meet event in Glasgow.
* Lesley talks about how her Entrepreneurial Superpower is a ‘Deal Maker’ profile, compared to my ‘Trader’ profile.  Find out what type of entrepreneur you are & how that forms a big part of your branding, by taking the Wealth Dynamics test.
* ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller on Amazon here.
* Also, be sure to take my FREE Business Growth Blocks Quiz here:
* Join the FREE Facebook Group to access other resources & connect with like-minded business owners here:
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Best wishes & enjoy networking like the pro that you are … or will be after you put these tips into action!

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