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It Only Takes One Choice To Change Everything! – 046

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Last weekend was far from ‘normal’ … but who wants ‘normal’ anyway?


Even before the alarm went off … my body & mind was awake & I had that excited Christmas morning feeling.


At 8am (which really was like 7am in ‘old time’ because the clocks also changed), there I was dancing away with thousands of other motivated folks & looking forward to another intense day of a Dr Joe Dispenza workshop in Edinburgh.


If you happened to catch any of my Instagram Stories (@osmaans) over the weekend & were thinking … ‘What party is Osmaan at?’ … now you know.


So what the heck was I up to?


I was learning & diving back even deeper into the world of the power of our mind & all things to do with the powerful connection between the mind & body.


And it truly blew my mind (& body) …. not only out of the water … but out of the universe!


Throughout the weekend, we did loads of meditations … some that lasted more than 1hour 20 mins at a time. Before that I used to think I was ‘zen-ed’ out after only 10 minutes of my Headspace meditations.


It truly took us all down a rabbit hole when we really got to question how much we can all get in our own way … without even realising it & seeing the science behind it too.


And that’s why for me … it wasn’t a ‘woo hoo’ or ‘wacky’ experience.


It took me back to the magic of when I first started to learn Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & seeing real changes happen quickly for me & my clients.


The beauty of it all though … is the impact it can have on our business. Because let’s face it, a huge part of this world & how you experience it…. comes down to your MINDSET.


One of the biggest reminders I got was about CHOICES.


It only takes ONE single choice … for your whole world to change.


Let me repeat that again & let it sink in … ONE choice!


And with that one choice, you can create a Rapid Transformation for you & your business.


So let’s continue this conversation over on my podcast, because I want help you to Get Out Your Way even more, with some of the key take-aways from the weekend.


It simply comes down to a choice though … are you going to take it now by tuning in for a quantum leap?


And incase your thinking … is he going to make me have a dance party over there & start clapping away … not at all … well unless you choose to 😉

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