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Imagine I’ve given you two golf balls & you place them on the palms of each of your hands.


Now clench your right hand really tightly around that golf ball, whilst leaving the left hand relaxed & opened.


How does it feel for you & what options does each of these golf balls have?


Yes, the one on the right may feel safer, as it won’t roll away because you’re gripping onto it.   But are you really giving it any chance to move or could you be really suffocating it?


On the other hand, the ball in the left hand may feel more exposed & ‘unsafe’ … because it could roll about & maybe even drop out of your hand.  But just think about all the possible options it actually has?


The same can be so true in your business.


Of course I’m all about being focused on what you want to achieve & make happen, otherwise you may be wasting your time, energy, money & life!


But sometimes I see people squeezing away the fun, adventure & amazing opportunities that are out there, because they are too rigid and inflexible in their approach.


That’s why whenever I set goals or work with my coaching clients to do that same, it’s all about being crystal clear about WHAT you want to make happen and by WHEN!


But the HOW is left more open, free & flexible.
That way there’s so many options & ways for you to continue to do all you can to make it happen.  Plus you help yourself ‘detach’ from a certain path or concrete plan & don’t feel like you’ve had a ‘setback’, even if something you wanted to happen … doesn’t happen or someone says ‘no – it’s not for me’.


It means you can still keep focused on moving forward & finding a different way to still get the outcome or results you’re after.


So enjoy being more open this week!


Best wishes

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