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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Focus On The Right Actions to Grow Your Business – 042

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Ever felt like you’re so busy … doing lots of ‘stuff’ but when you look at your bank balance or your results compared to your goals … you just want to cry or have a good old tantrum like my 2 year old, when he doesn’t get his way?


And then you sigh for relief when things are finally working for you … only to find that down the road, things start to unravel again or your results take a nose-dive?


I know how frustrating it can be … because it’s not like you’re sitting there & not doing anything, right?


But could it be the ‘stuff’ that you’re doing … is actually causing the problem?


Or is it more to do with the ‘stuff’ that you were doing & which was working, but for some reasons you’ve let slip … because you’ve got lots of other ‘stuff’ to do?


Perhaps it could also be down to the ‘stuff’ that you should just stop doing… because it’s really not making an ounce of a difference in reality, so is just wasting your time, energy & money.


Is it making you think … which could it be for you, right now?


Well in today’s podcast episode, let’s have a chat through it more.


I’ll share with you some real life examples from my own business & also from fellow business owners, on when they’ve needed to really focus on doing more of the RIGHT ‘stuff’.


Plus I’ll bring to life a super simple yet massively powerful way for you to get your ‘stuff’ sorted today, which I personally use & share with my coaching clients too!


Enjoy listening & taking action (or stop taking action …. hmmm).

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