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Do You Really Need To Think Big? – 103

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‘If your goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough!’


Have you heard words to that effect before?


I get that it’s meant to motivate or inspire you, but I disagree!


Because for some business owners, thinking that you need to ‘think big’, can actually do them more harm than good.


Seriously, what’s the point in having big grand goals & visions, if you’re then paralysed by them?


Or they just seem so big & overwhelming in your head, that you end up taking no real meaningful action?


Well it can end up back-firing & leave you feel like you’re not good enough or like a failure.


So today, I wanted to talk specifically to YOU … if you’ve ever felt like that.


And instead, invite you to instead … DO SMALL!


Just like Neil Armstrong said, ‘That’s one small step ….’


And when you take one small step, after another small step, repeated over & over & over again consistently … that can end up resulting a ‘giant leap for you’.


So you don’t have to take ‘ONE GIANT LEAP’, as your next step!


Tune into the podcast episode, where I shed more light onto this with some practical small steps you can take.


You’ll also get to her more about why it gets on my nerves, when I hear lots of ‘influential’ people always bang on about the notion that bigger is always better!


Enjoy the episode & taking small actions after listening in.

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