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Your Business Quest Podcast

Do you have Staying Power or Boredom-Bias? – Episode 9

So, last week was the first time I watched The Big Bang Theory … I know … I’m late to the party!

But it got me thinking …  imagine if the creators of that show, or any of our favourite shows for that matter, poured all their time and energy into crafting the perfect episodes, releasing it to the world, and then… that’s it. No more episodes, no more series, no more sharing it again. Sounds ridiculous right, right?

Yet, I see this pattern happening all too often with some business owners.

Instead of sticking with what’s working, especially when it’s getting results, they get bored or lured in by the next shiny thing and jump ship.

That’s why today, I’d love you answer this question:

What’s stronger in your business journey – your staying power or your boredom-bias?

In the latest podcast episode, I bring this concept to life with real examples and outline at least 7 key benefits of why more staying power can really help you & your business.

Best wishes as always,


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