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Is bigger better than small?

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Happy New Year to you (if you’re reading this at the time I pressed ‘publish’)!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday time doing whatever you were doing.

How’s 2016 going for you so far?

I’m sure that like many people, the start of the new year has got your mind ticking away with lots of exciting plans for your life & business.

But please please please don’t be like ‘most’ people & forgot about it all in a few days time … or even worse get burnt out by it!

I see this happening all too often, when some people go all gung-ho & attempt to go speeding straight from zero to 100!

You know … like never going to the gym … but then starting and attempting to lift weights that are way too heavy on the first day … doing yourself an injury & then never going back!

Or getting so fired up for your business that you start doing this & that & more this & more that ….. but it’s all scattered without a proper strategy behind it … you get so busy doing ‘things’ … it doesn’t seem to really lead anywhere … you get down in the dumps & then start to hide away from it all!

You may even have decided that this is the year that you’re going to consistently create & share valuable ‘content’ in your business – whether that’s blogging, videos or social media-ing.  Last year you may have done a handful of posts but this year you’ve committed to doing at least 366 of them!  Then you end up getting overwhelmed really quickly, get behind & then think … ‘oh well i’ve failed at this now so why bother?’

Do you get my drift?

I’m all about taking action … that’s how results happen.  It’s not just dreaming about it, sending it out to the universe & then sitting on your backside & waiting for it to happen to you!

Of course you need to get up & MAKE it happen.

But you can choose to do it in a sensible way … so that you set yourself up for success & can last the course …. with consistent growth!

Like if you struggled to constantly make even 1 ‘opportunity’ call a day last year …. how about starting off by doing a minimum of 1 call per day this week?  Then when you’ve successfully done that consistently … double it to 2 for a couple of days … once that’s becomes an ‘easy’ standard … double it again to 4 for a couple of days … then double it to 8 … then 16 … then 32 … get  my drift?

This can apply to ANYTHING!

That way, you’ll be building upon all the successes & foundations in a consistent way … learning from it as you go, tweeking things that aren’t working & keeping repeating the things that are getting results!

How much different does that feel, compared to going straight for 32 ‘calls’ a day & wanting to run away from the phone after the 1st call you attempt?

Enjoy this year of taking action … focused, consistent & ‘small’ steps … as they’ll lead to big results, big changes and rapid transformations!

This year I’m again committed to helping you to really grow yourself & your business in whatever way I can.

Whether that’s through …

  • My weekly e-mails (blogs, RT-TV episodes or audio podcasts);
  • by working closely with you inside the Transformation Exchange – the new online group coaching & mastermind community;
  • attending exciting workshops & events that I’m planning;

I truly hope you get real value in whatever way you choose to connect & enjoy really making 2016 one of your best years yet.

So what are you going to focus on first?  Share it with me in the comments below.   I personally read & respond to them all, so it would be great to hear what your plans are for 2016.

Best wishes

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