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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Ask Better Quality Questions – 089

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Questions can have the power to rock your whole world!


Just like the question my old boss Jenny asked me, that set of a tidal wave & lead me to be doing what I’m doing now in business.


It’s what I spend most of my days doing with clients …. asking questions.


I’m sure you’re always asking yourself lots of questions too … probably in your head, right?


But not all question are helpful. In fact, some questions can end up making matters even worse for you.


It’s all about asking quality questions, as that’s what will lead to those quality insights & results you’re after!


In today’s podcast episode, I spill the beans on what Jenny asked me. Plus, I’ll share some of my favourite quality questions that will help you to get out your way, when needed!


What’s more because I’m a nice guy, I’ll even let you know the questions you’d really want to steer clear off.


You can also take a sneaky peek at the below:


Avoid: Problem Focused Questions like ….

·      What’s wrong?

·      Who’s to blame?

·      Why?

·      What’s else is contributing to this?


Embrace: Solutions & Outcome Focused Questions like ….

·      What do you want?

·      What would make this better?

·      What options do you have?

·      What would you do, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

·      What advice would you give to your best friend, if they were in your shoes?

·      What resources do you have that can help you?

·      What’s the next step?

·      What’s your best thinking right now?

·      If you could wave a magic wand & solve this right now, what would be different?


Enjoy going on an adventurous quest, through the power of asking quality questions.


Let me know how it helps you overcome a current challenge or opportunity you’re facing, by dropping me an e-mail or sending me a message via LinkedIn.

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