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Your Business Quest Podcast

Adventures in business & life with Logan Elliott

“From playing with fire to igniting business success, Logan’s journey is a true testament to following one’s passions.”

In this exciting episode, I have a great conversation with Logan Elliott, a globe-trotting entrepreneur who has turned his passion for adventure and creativity into a successful business.

Logan shares his fascinating journey from studying science to becoming a fire performer, and ultimately, a business coach for creatives.

Listen in as Logan and our host discuss the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial path, the importance of aligning business with personal values & your Entrepreneurial Superpower, plus practical advice for creative professionals looking to turn their talents into thriving businesses.

Key highlights:

1. The Journey to Entrepreneurship:

– Logan’s academic background in science and unexpected hobby of fire performing.

– Transition from a hobbyist to a full-fledged entertainment business owner in New Zealand.

2. Building and Growing a Business:

– The evolution of Logan’s business from an entertainment company; to an educator and then becoming a creative business coach.

3. The Creative Entrepreneur:

– Logan’s passion for helping visual creatives, including graphic designers and illustrators.

– Common misconceptions and challenges faced by creatives in the business world.

4. Business and Personal Life Integration:

– Logan’s focus on aligning his business goals with personal values.

– The importance of designing a business that supports your desired lifestyle.

5. Mindset and Personal Growth:

– The role of mindset in entrepreneurial success.

– Logan’s personal reflections on growth, challenges, and staying motivated.

6. What’s next:

– Future goals and aspirations for Logan’s business.

– Practical advice for creative professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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