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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Would you prefer Excuses or Results? – 029

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They can seem real & totally legitimate.


Especially when it’s not only you that’s saying the same things or feeling that way.


But come now … we both know deep down that … an excuse is an excuse!


Will excuses help you smash your targets?


Will excuses help you make the impact you want for your customers?


Will you be able to pop into the local bank to deposit your excuses into your account?   (if only!)


The scary thing is that often we’re not even aware of some of the excuses whirling around in our heads & flying out of our mouths.


But they’re totally making an impact on you & your business … guaranteed!


We all do it …. just like how the Queen also poops & pees .. we just sometimes do it more or less frequently compared to others.


So am I writing this to make you feel bad? … of course not … that’s not my style.


Instead I want to help you get those alarm bell ringing when there’s an excuse lurking around – either in plain sight or when it’s trying to hide & fly under the radar!


It all comes down to your mindset & strategies … so what would you like ….. more excuses in your life or more results?



In today’s super short podcast episode, I’ll share 2 excuses that have shown up for me recently & the impact they were having! (My wife especially loves how one of them no longer exists!)


Plus you’ll get to hear how you can turn your excuses from being an excuse & getting in your way … to instead helping you to get results!


Sound good?


Then simply get your ears tuned into this podcast episode & then let’s have a farewell celebration when you kick those pesky excuses away!

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So honestly are you driving the bus or being an passenger? Find out what they heck I’m talking about & the impact it could be having on your business on this week’s podcast episode.


Best wishes as always.


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