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What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

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Well you’re not too old!

Ok I know you may laugh at some of your hair-raising ideas from your younger years & you’d never want to do some of those now!

I had a whole heap of things I wanted to be ….  a police man, a computer systems analyst & a HR Director were just a few of them.   Yep quite different from being a coach for business owners and entrepreneurs, don’t you think? 

But if you’re not loving what you’re doing just now… then do you really want to do that same thing, day in & day out … for the rest of your working YEARS?

Really be honest with yourself.  If the thought of that’s just made your heart sink & you feel like crying your eyes out… then do something about it!

This also applies in business too.  Yes even if you started & are running your own business, are you doing what you want to do with it now?

‘It’s too late’ is one of the biggest excuses I hear from people.  Yes it may not be the ideal time or you may wish you made different choices in the past.

But you’re not there anymore.

You’re right here where you are now!

Which means you have choices!  (Even if they seem like hard choices).

You’re not too old … so what do you want to do when you grew up?

I’m not saying you should quit your job or completely throw out your existing business today, without really thinking about it & putting steps in place for a ‘cross over’ or transition.

But please don’t fall into the trap of just keeping on that treadmill and seeing another week, month or year going, with you still feeling the same way (or even worse!).

Or still work towards making an old & out-dated goal come alive, when you know deep down that you’re so over that & it’s not what you truly want anymore!

You can have a ‘do over’!  It may be drastically different from what you’re doing just now, but it doesn’t have to be.  Even small changes to what you’re doing, could make a massive difference & give you feel like you have a new lease of life!

So … come on … what are you going to do?

Be brave, be bold & be YOU!

Have a fantastic week ahead & catch up soon.

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(P.S. – If you’re loving what you’re doing – then big gold stars to you & I take my hat off to you (well if I was wearing one I would!)  You can take this e-mail as a reminder to keep on making sure you’re keeping your goals fresh & taking action, action & action!)