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Get Out Your Way Podcast

The Evolving Life of The Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson – 003

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If you look back at the journey of most successful small business owners & entrepreneurs who have come from the corporate world or a ‘job’, what they’re doing now is often quite different compared to when they started.

Sometimes it could be a totally different business entirely or just a tweek in how they go about ‘doing’ business.

Why does that happen?

Because people change & evolve.   And guess what … it’s perfectly normal!

But it’s a different story when you’re the one going who’s there & starting to feel that even although things are going well … it just doesn’t quite feel right or you’ve got itchy feet, it can be pretty challenging, right?

I’ve personally experienced that in my business over the past 11 years & I know that you’ll likely have already gone through it or likely to encounter it too.

Those feelings of … ‘is it too risky to change?; this is what I wanted, so shouldn’t I be happy with it?; what will they think?; will I ever get it right?’

That’s why I knew this topic needed some airtime on the podcast.  Because you really need to Get Out Your Way & embrace these ever evolving chapters on the entrepreneurial journey … otherwise you’ll plod along & stagnate; go backwards or drive yourself crazy!

I’ve totally loved seeing the transitions that my great friend & fellow business owner Natalie Sisson has experienced & continues to go through in her business & life, so I knew she had to be my very first podcast guest for you to learn from.

She started off having the very successful business The Suitcase Entrepreneur & then over the recent years, has transitions her business focus in a different direction, as she’s gone on a Quest for Freedom.

Tune into our chat to hear about:

  • What prompted her journey from leaving the corporate world & starting her own business in the first place.
  • What she’s most proud of & how she got out her way to grow her business.
  • How it felt going through the recent transitions in business & what prompted it.
  • How she’s embraced & used her Entrepreneurial Superpower, after realising she’s a Star profile from the Wealth Dynamics profiling system that I use with all my client.
  • What she wishes she knew back when she started.
  • An exclusive preview of what’s coming up in the next chapters ahead in her world.

As you listen, I know you’ll get lots of tips & strategies that will help you Get Out Your Way, so you can continue to transform your mindset & rapidly grow your business.


Here’s the links & resources for this episode:
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* Find out what your Entrepreneurial Superpower by taking the Wealth Dynamics test.
* Watch Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule TED talk here or get her awesome book via Amazon here.
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