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Suffering from ‘Comparison-itis’? – 005

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Who played Bond the best – Daniel, Pierce or Sean?


Did Ed Sheeran’s latest album still get you singing your heart out when you thought no one was watching you in the car (until you got to the lights & realised you were putting on quite a show for those next to you) or was his last one better?


How did the 50 shades movies measure up to the pictures you created in your mind from the books*?


Are you still livid that they changed the recipe for Irn Bru – because the new one tastes nothing like the original?


Why are we always comparing things?  


Does it help us … hold us back … or just waste our time?


If you’re suffering from ‘comparison-itis’ … it’s not fun.  It’s worse than having a snotty nose; high temperature & shivers … seriously!


So what are some of the symptoms to watch out for … to see if you’re suffering from comparison-itis?


You’re often looking at what ‘THEY’ are doing & thinking …. ‘Oh man why are they so great & I’m not?’


You end up feeling down & that you’re so behind.


There’s a voice inside your head that starts to even question if you’re ever going to ‘make it’.


You know that it doesn’t make you feel good … but still you can’t help doing it, right?


Well don’t despair … I’ve got your back!


In this week’s podcast, I’ll help you turn things around & stop it from holding you back any more … without having to take any yucky tasting medicine.


Instead you’ll get lots of practical tips & mindset hacks, so you can look at things differently & change your actions as a result.


And before you think it … I’m not going to tell you to just simply ‘stop doing it’.   (Cause that’s easy right!?)


It definitely got me thinking when recording this episode for you.  You’ll even hear me open up & share quite a few personal stories of where this has affected me too.  (Let’s just hope my wife Shareen doesn’t listen to my podcasts).


So do you want to get rid of comparison-itis & channel that wasted energy into something more worthwhile?


Tune in now & let’s get cracking.

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P.S – I think Daniel Craig rocks it as bond … All of Ed’s albums are fab & so was his concert last weekend … I’ve never read any 50 shades books & I don’t judge you if you have … Irn Bru … why oh why did they have to do that 🙁