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Are you trying to be the Hero?

There really wouldn’t be much of a story .. never mind a whole series … if there was no Harry Potter … in the Harry Potter books or movies.  Because he went onto save the wizarding world.

Just in the same way that Katniss helped overthrow the Capitol in the Hunger Games …  Moana saved helped save her whole community … or how Batman helps protect Gotham City & the Karate Kid went on to win the championship.

They are the heroes!

The truth may hurt but your clients or prospective clients don’t want you to be the hero.

Because THEY want to be the hero & so they should be!

It doesn’t mean you, or your services or products aren’t valuable or helpful to them, or part of their journey.

Just in the way that the heroes & sheroes of your favourite movies & books would have struggled to ‘win’, without having certain key people in their corner.

But it can actually stop you from getting clients if you’re marketing yourself or acting like the hero, in their story.

Have you been doing that?  Because it’s so easy to do without realising it.

Instead, how about you play a different role & see how that can help you & them?

This is the topic of this week’s podcast, where I share even more practical & real-life examples to help you to get out your way.

Be sure to let me know what your biggest insight & takeaway is from it, plus how it will help you.