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Get Out Your Way Podcast

Make Sales Simple with the Right Mindset with Jessica Lorimer – 038

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When I worked in the corporate world, I never saw myself as being a salesperson.


That’s because I never had any goals that were directly linked to a sales target.

Sales just kinda happened all around me, whilst I focused on being a manager of people or projects.


And to be really honest, I used to be really bored in the 2 hour meeting every Monday afternoon with all the other commercial managers when I worked in Marks & Spencer. They’d get so obsessed whilst talk through their sales figures & whether they were ahead or behind ‘plan’.


Then in my whole time of working in Lloyds TSB, I’d only ever spoken to one external customer EVER & that was only because I stupidly answered the phone of the Regional Director’s PA, who sat on the desk next to me … whilst she popped away to grab a coffee on my first day in that new role & office!

(The customer phoned to make a complaint & when I said my name … she responded … ‘Have they put me through to India?’ in an angry tone & seriously wouldn’t believe I was sitting in the London Head Office. I was so glad to see Nicola come around the corner & save me … & I vowed never to answer her phone again from that day forward!)


Yet every month, I’d still get money put into my bank account & even sometimes extra bonus money on top of that too!


So can you imagine the reality that faced me, when I decided to leave that world behind & start my own business?


Yep … the business would only be a business .. if it made sales (otherwise it’s just an expensive hobby!)


And as it only had one ‘employee’ – who was also the boss … it was down to ME to do that job … right from the start!


So how do you ace sales even if you don’t see yourself as being a salesperson?


It can be so easy to jump straight into figuring out the strategies, tactics or approach that you ‘should’ take or avoid.


But even before that … there’s something that is critical to making sales simple … your MINDSET!


This is why I totally loved having a great in-depth chat with the wonderful sale coach, Jessica Lormier … for this week’s podcast episode.


Unlike me, Jess’s corporate career was totally focused around sales & she was able to bring that experience to help her start & grow to a 7 figure business.


So tune into hear how you can get out your way to make sales easier & more fun in your business.


Plus, promise me that you’ll listen all the way to the end … because Jess shared some words of wisdom that her mum shared with her … which I’m now going to share with you … they are seriously golden!


As always, I’d love to hear what you’re biggest takeaway, so drop a comment below to share it with me.

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Here’s the extra links & resources for this episode:

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Best wishes as always.

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