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I remember being so excited about heading to London for a business conference about 8 or 9 years ago, where lots of great speakers were going to be sharing their wisdom with me.

I walked into the hotel conference suite with my Starbuck latte & brand new notebook at the ready to be in ‘student’ mode for a change … a real challenge when you’re used to being the trainer or coach!

But instead of being pumped up & feeling inspired after each speaker shared their session, I noticed my energy & motivation was spiralling downwards instead throughout the day!

Because I was sitting there, hearing what they were saying we ‘should’ be doing … many of the things that I wasn’t doing … or had tried to do but found really hard for me … and just ended up feeling like I was doing everything wrong!

Ever had a moment like that?  It can drive you crazy, right?

It’s not nice feeling like you’re ‘failing’ or not doing things ‘properly’ as a business owner, especially as someone who’s had a track record of success in your career before going on this journey.

That night I remember walking around London (one of my favourite things to do .. as I love love love London), whilst chatting to my wonderful wife Shareen.

She could tell I was feeling a bit bummed out & actually more confused after hearing all the different (& often contradictory) things the speakers had been saying earlier.

Shareen being Shareen (who’s 99.997% right) hit back with … ‘remember you’re always saying … EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!’

And that’s so true & I had forgotten that fact whilst I was sitting there attempting to follow all those different people.

And it’s a scary thing that I see happening all of the time, business owners are either consciously or unconsciously following the ‘wrong’ role models!

Those people who have different values; Entrepreneurial Superpowers; visions & goals than you have.

And we can end up being our own worst enemies & get so caught up & distracted doing things in the way that is working for ‘them’ … but abandon the ways that actually have worked for us before or could work even better for us!

I honestly could talk about this much more with you today & I do on this week’s podcast & blog, plus these 4 other ways that us business owners can often drive ourselves crazy (when we really don’t have to!) : 

  • Thinking you need to do everything!
  • Overthinking & under-doing
  • Trying to please everyone
  • Not having a clear vision or goals!

Even though I’ve been in business for 14 years this week (woo hoo – get the party poppers out) … I need to keep reminding me of these things regularly, as it’s so easy to fall prey to them.

I truly hope this helps you avoid them in the future or to quickly kiss them goodbye if they’re currently impacting you.