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Your Business Quest Podcast

How to craft engaging messaging with Abi Sea

In this episode, we dive deep into the art of messaging with Abi Sea, the renowned copywriter and brand messaging specialist.

Plus she shares lots about her own personal journey of growing her own business – the ups & downs!

Abi Sea is the “Messaging Queen” in my eyes.  She brings extensive experience as a copywriter and brand messaging specialist to ambitious entrepreneurs and brands. Abi is also the co-founder of “Adventures in Marketing,” a wonderful marketing event in Edinburgh.

Key takeaways for you:

“If you’re creating content, if you’re creating your messaging… if it’s just one person, it takes the pressure off you.”

The Power of Personalised Messaging:

·     Importance of crafting messages that speak directly to one person at a time.

·     Strategies for simplifying communication to enhance connection and reduce pressure.

Abi’s Personal and Professional Journey:

·     The evolution of her career from tele-sales to content marketing.

·     Insights into her personal challenges, including her recent diagnosis of ADHD and perimenopause, and how these have impacted her business.

Challenges in Messaging for Business Owners:

·     Common difficulties business owners face when creating effective messaging.

·     Tips on how business owners can improve their messaging strategies.

Adventures in Marketing:

·     The conception and goals of the marketing event co-founded by Abi.

·     Why she started it & the benefits of attending marketing events.

Practical Messaging Advice:

·     Abi shares actionable tips for honing business messaging.

·     How to make messaging a critical part of business strategy.



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