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How Much Is Your Time Really Worth? – 077

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(Here’s a little video summary of calculating your real hourly rate from the RT-TV vault!)

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Scrolling …. scrolling …. scrolling & more scrolling!


Jumping from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn … to Whatsapp … back to Facebook to Instagram again to Snapchat …then you find yourself on  YouTube. .. ‘Oh what a cute & funny cat’!


How much is that ‘lost’ time really costing you?


It’s not just social media (& I’ve got nothing against it – as I do love it in many ways) but we’re often wasting so much of our time, don’t you think?


But then we can often think that we have to do everything in our business, because it will save money or we’re the best to do it. Is that really true?


Because what’s it actually costing you to be doing those things?


Once you calculate your REAL hourly rate, I’m sure you’ll get a shock!


(Hint: Get your yearly revenue goal … divide it by how many days in the year you want to work … divide it by how many hours in the day you want to work = your real hourly rate!)


Then you’ll start to really question how you’re spending your time, because you can see if it’s ‘worth it’ when you think about it in terms of hard cash!


In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll help you to figure out what your hourly rate is & how it can help you to start saying NO to things &. YES to the right things.


For me, it helped me see the real cost of having random coffees & meetings! So I’m much more choosier about who & what I say YES too!


Let me know how this resonates with you & if your real hourly rate is being spent in the best way for you currently.

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Best wishes as always.

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