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How committed are you to grow your business?

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A couple of weeks ago I moved into a cool new co-working & office space in Glasgow.


I’m totally loving it because it’s got super-duper lightening speed internet, which makes the connection in my old office seem like antiquated dial-up in comparison!


But more importantly, I’m really loving meeting lots of new & interesting people there.


I recently got chatting to a relatively new business owner, whilst waiting for my Americano at the bar there. When she heard that I am a coach & mentor for small business owners & entrepreneurs, she asked me ….. ‘What do you think makes the difference between those who succeed & those who don’t in business?’


 COMMITMENT’ was my quick & simple reply!


In all honestly, she kind of looked disappointed with my response. I think she was expecting something more magical or profound to come out my mouth!


But it’s true! Commitment really is everything!


It’s what makes business owners take their ideas and actually implement them.


It’s what’s needed to overcome those times when things don’t quite go the way you’d want & you need to pull up your big boy or girls pants, so you can keep moving forward.


So how committed are you to growing your business?


This was a topic that I dived into even more on my recent weekly Facebook Live.


You can watch the replay (in 2 parts) below … it’s filled with lots of practical tips & strategies to help you grow your commitment levels & in turn …. grow your business!

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Share with me what resonates with you the most & what your current Commitment ‘score’ is, in the comments below.


Best wishes as always.

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