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Do you believe luck plays a hand in your business?

Well it does … to an extent!

Because ultimately how lucky or unlucky you feel, impacts your beliefs, attitudes & mindset!

These drive how you think, feel & act … without you often even being aware of it!

Below is a short audio podcast I recorded for you where I share why being lucky can make the difference & also some powerful research that hits home with it!

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Of course, I’m not for a second saying just think ‘lucky’ thoughts & sit on your backside & do nothing!

It still takes action to get the results, but with a more optimistic & lucky mindset, you’ll spot so  many opportunities for you to take action on!

Just like how Richard Wiseman shared in his ‘luck’ experiments.  He got individuals together who either considered themselves as being ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’.

He gave them both the exact same newspaper & asked them to count how many photos we’re contained inside it.

Why is it that the ‘lucky’ group got the answer in just a few seconds, but for the ‘unlucky’ group it took them several minutes?

It was because, on the second page, there was a huge headline that said, ‘Stop counting, there are 43 photos in this newspaper’.  The ‘lucky’ group saw this jump out at them but the ‘unlucky’ group continued to count the photos & basically ‘deleted’ this from their awareness.

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Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Drop me a comment below to share if you generally feel lucky when it comes to your business & the insights you’ve had from hearing the results of the research around this too.

Best wishes & have a luck filled week.

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