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Failure or Feedback – You choose!

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Are you holding onto those feelings or thoughts about having ‘failed’?

There is no such thing as failure, when you take on feedback!

Watch today’s episode of RT-TV (it’s only 1m & 49s) & I’ll explain it all now.

Today I’d like to share another simple yet truly effective ‘MINDSET’, which can help keep you on the straight & narrow!

It’s all about the concept of FAILURE!  Have you ever heard yourself say – ‘Oh not again!!’ or ‘That’s totally failed’? (or some other similar words?)

Yeah things don’t always go the way that you want or expect – that’s life!

But you only really fail – if you fail to LEARN from the experience!

If you focus upon getting FEEDBACK (or ‘FEED-FORWARD’) from the situation or event – then you can do things differently or adapt the strategies that you were using.

Also, give yourself the credit for actually getting out there & doing whatever it was that you did!  Because, you could have instead not pushed yourself or taken action. Yes that may have meant you wouldn’t have had to face the ‘undesired’ outcome – but t would also have meant that you would still have been back where you were, not moving forward & always wondering ‘What if?’.  PLUS – you wouldn’t have even given yourself the opportunity to learn, grow or have the chance to get the result!

‘I either win or learn; I never lose.’

Marie Forleo

So take a couple of minutes today to think of a situation or event that you would like to have a different outcome or result around, should it happen again?

Then ask yourself the following:

  • What specifically didn’t go well?  (Rather than ‘everything’ – was it just one or two things?)
  • What would you choose to do differently next time?
  • What lessons can you take from it?
  • What would you still do the same? (Remember, you don’t always need to change it all – small ‘tweeks’ could be all that’s needed).
  • What advice would you give to someone else who was in your shoes – so they could improve or develop from this.

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Enjoy the rest of your day.

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