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The Messy Middle Part

By Video

Today, let’s chat about the messy bit in the middle, which happens when we’re going after our next stretching goals & projects in business.

I know that you know what I’m talking about …

it’s that phase where things feel like they’re a bit or a lot tangled up; where you feel more confused than clear & you can end up second guessing yourself & looking back at what you were doing with longing eyes & thinking …. ‘why I am going after this?’

But trust me, it’s in this part where the real magic happens!

Because it’s where the real work & the real growth happens.

I know it’s so easy to want instant results & that sense of satisfaction … like jumping straight from the ‘before’ to the ‘after’.

But we only get to have the ‘after’ … if we go through this messy middle.

And even though it can feel scary when we’re in that messy middle bit … it’s the part I love guiding my clients through the most, as it’s where we get to let those creative juices flow & really problem-solve the way through it.

And it’s where you really find out what you’re truly made of, as we embrace the journey without adding any extra chaos or confusion, but instead keeping you focused on the goals; keeping your confidence & motivation high & letting go of what’s going to keep you stuck in the ‘before’.

So I hope this acts as a little reminder for you to embrace that messy middle part & think of it as sign that you’re growing; you’re moving forward & you’re evolving.

Because what would you rather ….  being stuck in the ‘before’ & not giving yourself the chance to experience the ‘after’?  Nope, I didn’t think so either!

So enjoy going after your next goal, so you can celebrate lots of new ‘afters’ in your business.

Be Braver

By Video

I was delivering a fun workshop yesterday, and it was all about the power of reflection.

And honestly, there were so many interesting conversations that were sparked with these leaders (someone even commented that it felt like a day of business therapy, in a really good way.)

But there was one particular reflection question that really resonated and really opened up the conversation with them.

“What would you do if you were braver and you had more courage?”

Think about it &  spend some time today, whether you get a favorite coffee, cup of tea, water and really reflect on that question and just see what insights that gives you.

Because I know that being a business owner and an expert in what you do , often helping other people isn’t always easy.

But it’s often our mindset and our feelings that can get in the way.

But real magic happens in business and in life when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone, when we’re being braver, when we take action, even if we don’t feel 100% confident or ready!

So come on, What would you do if you were braver and if you had more courage?”

Then go and do those things today.