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My recent ‘overnight success’ in business has taken nearly 14 years!


I’m working with an exciting new client on a big project with their team & do you want to know how it ‘fell into my lap’?

One of the key leaders in that company saw me deliver a talk about mindset … about 10 years ago!

And going further back … the main reason I was invited to deliver that talk was because I was recommended by a client who attended one of my first ever NLP courses when I first started my business … 14 years ago next month!

So yeah, this one opportunity has been a total ‘overnight success’, wouldn’t you agree?  Haha!

But because we live in a world that’s filled with instant gratification … it’s so easy to think everything will happen … INSTANTLY!

And when it doesn’t, we can easily start doubting ourselves & think things like … ‘Did I make the right decision to start my business?’ … ‘Will it ever work out the way I want it to?’’ … ‘-fill in the words based on what you say to yourself !-’

 How about instead being more patient whilst taking consistent action?

In this week’s podcast, I share 7 things that will help you to be much more patient as you grow your business.

These include:

  • Why ‘overnight successes’ really don’t exist
  • The power of consistent actions
  • You could be making things happen even when you’re not seeing results
  • When should you be patiently stick to what you’re doing vs. changing things?
  • Why how you’re thinking in terms of timing can make a huge difference
  • The downsides for things happening too quickly
  • It’s a marathon & not a sprint!

Enjoy giving yourself a break & remember to celebrate your ‘overnight successes’ too 🙂