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When growing up, did you really take yourself or life too seriously?

Most of us don’t!

We just went for it & got on with things.  No bars held & no one or nothing to stop us! 

Even if that meant colouring outside the lines …. singing our hearts out & not worrying if we’d get a ‘yes’ or if the red button would be pushed .… or believing we could do or be anything we wanted when we grew up!

As we grow older, we can often forget that instinct and innocence we once had.

We can start worrying about what’s the ‘right’ thing to do or what will ‘they’ think?

As business owners, we can become so over critical or even our worst enemies at times … ‘trying’ to make everything perfect.

But what would happen if you just decided to stop doing that & instead embrace just getting on with it?.  Doing the best you can do & knowing that it’s all just about progress, learning & doing?

Because that’ll help you & your business to grow, whilst also getting the results that you want.

So how about it?  Are you up for acting & thinking like a kid again this week & just taking action … even if it’s ‘imperfect’ action?  Share with me below what you’ll get stuck into this week.

Have a great week & speak again soon.

Best wishes

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DISCLAIMER: This doesn’t mean you should not tidy up after yourself; throw your food all over the place; draw on the walls; stick things inside the DVD player or being a spoilt or stubborn brat 🙂

P.S. – The lovely picture above is by my little boy Kaiyas, following a visit to Daddy’s office when he was younger.  I haven’t been able to bring myself to wipe the whiteboard since!