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A million business dreams

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Honestly I really don’t tend to cry a lot, but I did shed a tear or 7 in the cinema last week (in a very manly way)!

Let me set the scene … my beautiful wife Shareen & I escaped from what was a fun and hectic holiday period for an impromptu date night. On the way to the cinema, Shareen realised that it was exactly 16 years that night that we had our first ever date … in the same cinema … at the same time! Spooky! (I’d love to say that I had romantically planned it all … but it really was one of those totally serendipitous moments).

We went to watch The Greatest Showman … yes it’s a musical with lots of singing & dancing. We’d only heard of it the week before & thought it looked ‘ok’.

But right from the start … we were both captured.


Because it’s all about going after your dreams!

Even deeper than that. For me, it’s a story about entrepreneurship.

I’m sure that like me, you have ‘a million dreams for the world we’re going to make’. It certainly takes having a vision or dream to give you that hunger to go out & make things happen.

Plus when we’re actually doing what we’re passionate about for business… it’s like we truly ‘come alive’ & ‘you’re dreaming with your eyes wide open’.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had many ‘pinch moments’, when I’ve experienced something & thought… ’this is exactly how I imagined it to be when I set that goal!’

But the thing that really got me, was that it’s not easy doing what you’re doing It takes courage .. it takes bravery … it takes having a strong & positive MINDSET!

And at times, when we’re on the pursuit of those dreams & goals, we can lose sight of what other things are important in your life … like your family; friends; health; sleep & sanity!

It’s really easy to fall into that trap & constantly strive towards what you want to achieve … but then lose or negatively impact what you’ve already got & end up feeling really lost.

The only way to really stop that from happening is being super clear about your values & know exactly what’s important to YOU! That way the alarm bells can start ringing long before it’s too late!

The big power song, ‘This is Me’, also stuck a chord. Because many times, I’ve seen many business owners hide away. (Again I’ve done that too!) They can feel like they’re the ‘oddity’ & everyone else is better than them & doing everything right!

But you know what, as the character P.J. Barnum says …. ‘No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.’

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So it’s up to you & it’s up to me … to be who we are! 

Sounds easy … yeah?

But in reality, I know that life isn’t like a musical .. filled with singing & dancing.

At times it can feel like ‘we’re walking a tightrope’.

I’m even more committed to make sure that you’re not on that journey alone or trying to figure it out the hard way!

Because there’s so many powerful & ‘magical’ coaching tools, from the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), that can transform your negative mindsets or beliefs RAPIDLY.

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If what I’ve shared so far has resonated with you, then please do yourself a big favour … ‘From now on’ Master Your Mindset!

I promise it will make a huge impact in your business, your life & the lives of those loved ones around you too.

Best wishes as always.

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