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I’ve seen my business absolutely transform as a result of his support & guidance

“Without fail, I have an ‘aha’ moment on every single call I have with him, and he challenges my thinking and helps me shift my own mental barriers and blocks.

I went to him during this in the last few years when I was burning out and he helped me overhaul the delivery of my coaching programs and structure them in such a way that my time was more leveraged and ultimately that was more effective for my clients and it optimised my time so that I was more energised.

He’s also helped me make really tough decisions in my business and turned down business opportunities once we’ve talked them through together and I’ve realised they took me away from my own business goals and commitments. So it’s absolutely invaluable when someone can help you clarify your thinking in such a grounded way.

And this is exactly how he’s helped me make things happen and stay consistent in my business.

And as a result, I’ve seen my business go beyond anything that I would have imagined when I first started working with him.”

Jenny Plant

Osmaan will hold your feet to the fire in a friendly and supportive way.

I was looking for an experienced coach ready to ask me the right questions and acting as a sounding board, keeping me honest. 

Also, someone who has built a real business using an array of current marketing tactics.

Osmaan is a great balance between challenger, advisor, and coach – a very friendly one I may add.

You came across as pragmatic, practical, to the point & refraining from pie-in-the-sky coaching lingo only coaches care for. 

I liked that he is also a business owner who’s faced the same challenges I’ve been facing. There’s lots to learn from him.

I would recommend Osmaan to any business owner who’s interested in making progress and ready to do some serious work.”

Max Habeck

So are you ready to make some real magic happen in your business?