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Let’s bring your Business Magic  results to life now

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I’m glad to see that you were curious to discover how you can unlock real magic & experience more growth in your business!

Now that you’ve answered those questions, let me walk you through what your results mean, at a high level.

First of all, you’ll notice that you’ve got 3 separate ‘scores’ to look at.

That’s because from my experience, in order to create real magic & growth in your business, you need 3 key elements to be working together & in-sync, for you & your business.

These elements are a core part of my tried & tested Business Magic Formula:  They are ..

Your Design + Your Mindset + Your Strategies

Don’t worry, over the next couple of days I’ll help you dive into each element in a bit more detail, but for now here’s the big picture:

Let’s start with Your Design.  

This is all about you deciding what success & growth actually looks like for YOU, in the next chapter of your business journey. 

And I don’t mean just blindly doing what other people in your industry are doing or what you think you ‘should’ do … but instead it’s about purposefully choosing your ‘destination’.  

It’s important to truly know & weave together your values which shows what’s really important to you; understand your personality & how that fits into the design of your business; have a clear vision for at least the next 12 months, so it becomes much easier to then break them down into inspiring goals.

Next is Your MINDSET:  

There’s really no point in having a solid DESIGN if you end up second guessing yourself all the time or making the journey towards reaching your goals miserable & filled with fear. 

That’s why your Mindset is so key & the reason why I’m not just a business coach – but the Business OWNER’s Coach.   Mindset really is my superpower!

Because it’s where I’ve seen so many business owners trip themselves up or end up sabotaging themselves … especially when things are going well & you’re ready to take the next steps to grow your business.  

This is where things like not feeling good enough; seeing confidence levels dip; having limiting beliefs or money blocks and not actually feeling or acting like the business owner or CEO of your business, can have a big negative impact.

So it’s important to make sure that you’re harnessing your beliefs; your thinking; your attitudes & feelings that are supporting you on the journey ahead. 

And it’s even more important to upgrade or ditch the ones that are holding you back. 

Otherwise it can feel like you’re driving with your foot both on the accelerator and break at the same time!

The third element is all about Your STRATEGIES.

The good news is there are so many things you can do to grow a business … BUT that can also end up being a curse!

Because if you’re not careful, you can easily get distracted, confused & add unnecessary chaos into the mix … instead of simplifying things & being in control.

But when you really uncover & purposefully use your Entrepreneurial Superpower, it’s a real game changer.  As it helps you choose the right strategies that will be the best for you & your personality .. in all areas of your business.  

Plus, having consistent habits & focusing on the actions that are connected to your DESIGN, means you can grow your business in a productive way … without needing willpower or ‘wish-power’ … because you’ll know what to do & more importantly what NOT to do! 

By now I’m sure you can already see why you need all three elements working together … because they act like a compass to help you stay focused & motivated, in your next growth phase.

If any of the elements are not in sync, it will make the journey much bumpier & even dangerous… like driving with a flat tyre! 


So have a look at your scores & see what’s going well & what could do with your immediate focus.  

It’s also worth saying that if you’re currently going through or approaching a growth phase, it’s pretty normal for scores to be lower than you may have expected.  

This is because each new level in business needs you to go back & refocus on your next level Design, Your Mindsets & Your Strategies.   And this is where I especially love helping experts like you to navigate & grow from.


So what’s next? 

Your individual report will help you to dive into your results further, so give it a read.   Then keep an eye on your inbox because over the coming days I’ll help you dive in deeper for each of the 3 elements of your scores.


But before then it’s action time & I’d love to hear what your initial thoughts are about for your scores. 

So please take a minute now to connect with me over on LinkedIn (or Instagram or Facebook if that’s where you hang out more).   And send me a message sharing how your results resonate with you, plus of course any questions that you have.

I really look forward to speaking soon & I hope you are already starting to see what opportunities you’ve got to create & experience even more real magic in your business ahead.


Connect with me & share your insights …

I’d love to hear how your results have resonated with you & more about your business.

So please do send me a message now:

Or if you’d prefer, you can book in for a free 15-minute Virtual Cuppa so we can have a proper 2-way conversation around your results.

I look forward to speaking soon.


Osmaan is the real deal. Full of heart and super smart.

“I’ve listened to tons of trainers and speakers during my career and Osmaan is one of the few who has made multiple lightbulbs go “ping” when I’ve been watching him speak.

He has the uncanny knack of making big important ideas seriously easy to understand and implement.

Everybody needs Osmaan in their life.”

Matthew Kimberley

So are you ready to make some real magic happen in your business?