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Your Mindset  results

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Well done, your Mindset score is showing a high strength score currently for you.

But as a high achiever, who’s used to getting results & always hungry for even more growth, I know you won’t want to get complacent & let things slip.

So let’s dive into how you can Master Your Mindset & keep it consistently strong.

When it comes to Mindset, it’s a bit of a catch-22 situation.

Because last time we looked at why knowing your values; your personality; your vision & your goals are essential, so you can proactively Design the next growth phase of your business.

But meanwhile running in the background, your Mindset is constantly influencing what you even think is possible for you & your business (i.e. your future Design).

Because it’s kinda hard to hide from your Mindset, I’m sure you weren’t totally surprised by your Mindset score.

Your mindset creeps up everywhere … from how you’re generally feeling day-to-day & even determines what your predominant way of thinking & your attitudes towards your business & life at any given moment.

That’s great news … during those times when your Mindset is positive & supporting you.  But not so good your mindset is feeling stuck; when it’s taken a dive downwards or even when it’s going up & down like a yo-yo!

And for someone like yourself, who’s busy helping your clients with your expertise & experience, I know it can often feel much trickier to consistently keep on top of your own mindset, as you focus on growing your own business too.

From my own experience as a business owner & from coaching other business owners, I know that the journey we’ve chosen to go on, is really an ‘inside job’ in so many ways!

But that’s what makes things even more magical, because your Mindset is honestly one of the quickest & easiest things to shift. 

And when you do that, you’ll see a positive ripple effect both personally & in your business results.

One thing that you may be surprised to hear is that I never actually had aspirations of being a business owner when I was younger.  

In fact, I was so focused on climbing the corporate ladder, but it was always the ‘people’ side of business that I’ve loved in my career, when I was a HR & Training Manager & also when doing more project & commercial focused roles too.

I actually left the corporate world back in 2007  because I went on a training course as part of my job, which opened up my eyes to a powerful coaching toolkit called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  

NLP is all about understanding how your mind works & then being able to rapidly change your thinking, habits & behaviours.

Honestly, I was hooked right from the first NLP training course I went on because of the quick changes & breakthroughs I was personally experiencing & seeing others make happen too, when using these mindset tools.

That’s when I made a huge & life changing decision. Instead of continuing to climb the corporate ladder, which was always my vision ….. I quit my job!  And the biggest reason was because I wanted to spend my days helping people experience the magic of NLP & mindset shifts!

But talk about being tested, as just before I was about to hand in my notice, I was offered a promotion for what I always thought would be my perfect corporate job! 

But even still, instead of accepting it, I quit my job & a huge factor for making that brave move was down to me having worked on my Mindset … & also having an updated vision for what I wanted for my future.

Fast forward 17+ years since leaving & becoming a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Coach & Trainer, I honestly still get amazed & truly love seeing how quickly Mindset challenges can be resolved using these powerful tools.

I’ll give you a quick example.  One of my clients Fionn smashed his 90 day revenue goal in only 30 days after we uncovered & then tackled, a limiting mindset belief that was hiding under the surface but had been massively holding him back in growing his business.

So can you see why your Mindset really is so important & why can’t just have a strong Design element & then just hope for the best. 

Or even why it doesn’t matter how many new or different business growth strategies you try to use.

Because if those Mindset gremlins are not fully supporting you … they could be sabotaging or making things harder for you.

It’s also why you can have two different business owners with very similar businesses; with similar visions & goals; with similar personalities; operating in the same market conditions & even following the same strategies, … but yet they get very different results!

It’s because of what’s happening on the inside … their beliefs, attitudes, feelings and thinking, could be very different!

That’s why I love the fact that I’m not a traditional business coach, who only focuses on your business side or only asks you questions. Because sometimes just talking about what’s not working ends up reinforcing it & keeping you stuck.

Instead, I love to get stuck in & be by your side so you can tackle the Mindset blocks & challenges head on.   Because that’s what’s going to make the real & long-lasting difference for you!

So it’s really important to be vigilant around all areas of your mindset, especially when you’re ready to grow your business. 

Because that’s when it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing more ‘comparison-itis’ especially when you look at what others in your industry are doing; or if your confidence levels starts to dip or fear creeps in more when you’re moving out of your current comfort zones to the next level.

Between me & you, the Mindset element is my favourite element of the Business Magic Formula™ because of how much it impacts everything.  

When it’s strong – it can supercharge your growth & impact in a magical & often in ways you can’t actually explain logically. 

But if it’s not consistently strong, it can really slow down growth; keep you at a plateau or even sometimes go backwards.

But remember what I said before, it’s also the element where you’ve got the power to quickly change or keep strengthened, so it works for you & your business, instead of against it.

By now I’m sure you understand why I love helping business owners like you to master your mindset, as it’s instrumental in helping create even more real magic & growth in your business moving forward.    

Again, I’d like to extend a genuine invitation for you to share what’s going through your mind at the moment, as you reflect upon your Mindset score & how it’s influencing your current reality in business & what’s next for you too. 

So if you haven’t already, please take a minute now to connect with me over on LinkedIn (or Instagram or Facebook if that’s where you hang out more) & share your biggest insight with me so far.

Or if you’d prefer, you’re also welcome to book in for a free 15 minute virtual cuppa.  This will give us a chance to have a real 2-way chat together about the opportunities that would be best for you to focus upon next.

I look forward to chatting & also watch out for me popping back into your inbox again soon, where we’ll get to focus on the Strategies element of the Business Magic Formula™ next.

Connect with me & share your insights …

I’d love to hear how your Mindset results have resonated with you & more about your business.

So please do send me a message now:

Or if you’d prefer, you can book in for a free 15-minute Virtual Cuppa so we can have a proper 2-way conversation around your results.

I look forward to speaking soon.


It opened my eyes to the opportunities with my business.

“I was lacking focus and felt ‘stuck’ but the support I had from Osmaan changed my mindset, without it being forced upon me but instead it opened my eyes to the opportunities with my business.

I would recommend Osmaan if you need that space from running your business, it really can provide clarity and help you get unstuck.

Osmaan is a pleasure to work with and you feel like he is continually championing you to achieve what you want to.

I will always be grateful for his support and honesty.”

Gemma Baxter

So are you ready to make some real magic happen in your business?