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Results: Your Strategies

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It’s time for us to explore your Strategies for business growth, which is important as your score for this element is currently at a medium strength

This means that some things you’re doing are really helping you & your business, but there’s also some real opportunities to fine-tune things even more, as you move forward in your business growth journey.

Because if you’re like most business owners, you’ll no doubt have notebooks & to-do lists filled with ideas & stuff you think you ‘should’ or ‘could’ be doing.

There’s always a new & shiny tactic that catches your attention, which you can’t help but adding to your never ending lists, because FOMO (you know … that fear of missing out) kicks in!

When that happens, you can end up making yourself busier but way less productive & typically all that extra effort isn’t actually helping you to grow your business.

But I know you’ll be thinking, ‘But Osmaan I can’t just sit back & do nothing either!’.  Nope, I’m definitely not suggesting you do that.  

That’s why it’s important to be super deliberate about the actions you take & the strategies you choose to invest your time, energy & money into, so you’re being productive & smart! 

One thing about me is that I’m really not a fan of the ‘hustle’ culture or just blindly doing what everyone else in your industry is doing … which I see happening a lot!

WHY?  Because those people aren’t YOU & you aren’t them (…which is a good thing!)

And it’s why one of the key components of the Strategies part of the Business Magic Formula is about uncovering your Entrepreneurial Superpower.

Because when you know this, you can use it in EVERY part of your business … from your marketing & sales strategies; your client experience & delivery; how you collaborate & getting the right support around you too.

I promise you that everything will flow much easier … you’ll have much more fun & experience better results too, when you embrace your Entrepreneurial Superpower.

It will also help you to be bolder & more decisive on the things you say YES to doing.  And equally, it will give yourself permission to say ‘NO’ to those things that would likely be more of a distraction for you or not play to your strengths.

It’s also why when I coach & mentor business owners like you, everything is tailored to you & based upon what would work best for your Entrepreneurial Superpower, instead of just being cookie cutter or generalised business growth coaching.

Let me share a quick example.  This was a real game changer for Amy, who I met whilst coaching at a business retreat in the tropical island of Bali, because it helped her to finally pinpoint why things weren’t really working for her business at that point. 

When we uncovered what her Entrepreneurial Superpower & personality was, it was obvious that what she’d been trying to do with her services & business up to that point, wasn’t really fully aligned to her strengths.   That one insight helped her to make changes to her whole business model & strategies, and it’s been amazing seeing what she’s gone on to do since.

I’m also all about making things much simpler & grounded for business owners like you, because often you can end up totally overcomplicating things & creating more chaos unintentionally. 

And that can lead to finding yourself on the verge of burnout or operating your business in a very scattered or ‘let’s just cross my fingers & hope it works’ kinda way.

And often as we grow our businesses, it’s so easy to forget about the strategies that have worked really well for you before.

So you instead jump tracks & try other things, but then end up neglecting what has already been proven to work & then wonder why your business performance & results aren’t quite growing the way you’d like. 

It’s often because you haven’t given yourself the chance to integrate consistent habits & actions in your business … before embracing upon the next season of your business or trying to jump ahead too quickly when certain fundamental strategies or actions haven’t been totally embedded.

But I’m also not saying you should just stick to what you’ve been doing so far, especially if it’s not been getting consistent results or growth.  Because it often only takes small changes to the strategies you’re following for you to see a big difference & in magical ways.

From my experience, I also know that once you’ve gotten your Design & Mindset really solid, then the Strategies piece of the jigsaw puzzle becomes much easier to solve too.

Because you can then get super practical & do more of the things that will help you achieve what your actual business vision & goals are. 

And if it’s not part of your Design, then it can avoid you getting distracted or procrastinating!

Plus you’ll stop thinking or feeling you have to be an ‘all rounder’ who does everything in your business & instead really play to your strengths much more.

And you can then look at how certain systems or actions can help you & your business to operate much more productively moving forward.

I’m sure you’re now seeing that when it comes to growing your business … it’s not just about taking action but taking the right consistent actions for YOU..

As always, I’d love to hear what’s resonated the most for you around your Strategies score.

So please do send me a DM on social media (or an email) & share your insights & any questions you have [ LinkedIn (or Instagram or Facebook ]

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This will give us a chance to have a proper chat & I promise to bring my super grounded & practical approach to the call & see how I can point you in the right direction to help make your business growth journey ahead flow much easier.

So what’s next? 

Even though we’ve now explored each element of the Business Magic Formula™ & your personal scores against them, our journey doesn’t end here.

If you choose to opt-in to receive further resources, then I’ll be sure to include you in my regular email updates. 

These include sharing my latest podcast episodes; videos; free resources & opportunities to have me in your corner to support you further.

I’ve really enjoyed bringing your results to life over the past few days & I hope it’s given you some real clarity about what you can do to create even more real magic in your business moving forward.

I look forward to connecting with you again real soon.

Connect with me & share your insights …

I’d love to hear how your Strategies results have resonated with you & more about your business.

So please do send me a message now:

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I look forward to speaking soon.


I experienced breakthroughs in a very short period of time

“What makes working with Osmaan stand out for me is his ability to provide really efficient and clear tools, along with his warm, personal and insightful style.

As an entrepreneur who was feeling stuck, Osmaan helped me to quickly prioritise which areas to work on first, and then we moved into action.

I experienced breakthroughs in a very short period of time, and felt encouraged and energised by the process, and ready to follow through.

Osmaan’s approach before and after the process are also thoughtful and personal.”

Caroline D’Silva

So are you ready to make some real magic happen in your business?